Stardoll Accounts and User Passwords – VIP Accounts 2017

A lot of our users have asked us for the nicknames and passwords for VIP accounts and also just regular accounts they could play with. So we decided to make a section on our website where readers could submit their username and password for other people to play on the account if they want.


If you want to add an old account that you don’t use anymore to this page you can do it as follows:

In the comment section on this page you should type the information in the following following format

Any Additional Details (optional)

So an example comment would be
This is my old account that is a high level. Have fun with it and hopefully you enjoy playing on it!

That said if you want to add your account and password to this page be 100% sure before you do it. Anyone can see the accounts and passwords on this page and they are able to login to the account. We hope that no one would mess with the accounts to much or get you in trouble but we can not guarantee it. So if you are going to put the username and password out there in the public you need to know the possible consequences.

We want everyone to enjoy the game and if you have an account you don’t care about anymore giving your username and password to new players might help. Like I said earlier though, You NEED to be sure because once you put it on this page it’s here forever.

2016 Update:
If you would rather not use one of the accounts listed on this post but still would like to get a free membership for superstar on Stardoll then you should check out We decided to give this website a try after hearing good things from a bunch of our readers and sure enough they actually pay out! It takes a little bit of time to get enough points to redeem a free membership (it took us about 25 minutes of work) but it can be kinda fun too. You get to download beta games and play them to earn points. Then you use the points to get memberships for games, we chose stardoll obviously.

If you have any other questions or concerns let us know!

– HollywoodSam