Bird’s Eyeview Released

Hey dolls, the new Bird’s Eyeview has been released, and here is the picture for it

birds eyeview

So.. Where to start. It is interesting, I guess, to say the least. The thing about bird’s eye view is, I don’t really see the point or purpose of it. How does one go about using these items, without having a suite that is completely in bird’s eye view? I mean yeah, there are pals and stuff, but still, you can only alter their position to a point, and I am quite sure it will still look at least a bit awkward.

I’m not trying to be a debbie downer about it, but I just don’t understand this store at all. Please, do tell me about someone who’s suite features this and looks good, without it being completely eye view. I think the only useful item I see there is the posing coat.

Also, the pond looks a bit like it’s floating on the lawn, it’s nothing too serious but the graphics look a bit old/out dated compared to the background/lawn/ground it’s on, and the rocks should be darker or at least slightly more textured. Graphic-wise, I guess the rest is .. okay, but I don’t see anything extraordinary. Although what is clap worthy in this store is the creativity. But I liked the pool release better, in my opinion.. Though, I could be biased because I’ve always been a summer person! :)

What do you think?

xx Kris

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