DOT Spoilers

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats as always, today I bring to you some new spoilers for the up coming DOT.


I love this collection, I’m glad we’re getting more nudes/earthy tones! This is perfect for everyone in my opinion. Great for dolls who don’t like too much color, I’m glad to have more nudes to add to my collection. Will definitely bring these into my contouring routine. If I had the money / coins I would probably be buying everything except mascara, since I never use colors that light.

I can see that this time it will be some natural colors in prices lower than transform which of course can’t be bad, at all, ever, even though they won’t probably blend well like Transform colors do, but the difference is discernible only in the beauty parlor, with sufficient patience and time it’s possible to achieve make up looks that look great in suite also with Dot.

Plus, I love a good brown wing, and with autumn starting this is super fitting and appropriate, will match the floral kimonos, the cream duster coats, the wine coloured scarfs, and all that good stuff.

Anyways, I can’t wait to see it in store and try it on. What do you dolls think?

xx Kris


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