Epiphany Spoilers

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats, I have the new epiphany spoilers here for you


Well.. okay. I knew fringe was in, but not this much. I’m beginning to get a bit tire, honestly, star doll has featured it everywhere from LE to sub couture to hotbuys, and it’s just enough already. Even the past epiphany / jewelry collection featured some. This one is already just exhausting the trend one hundred percent. I like the bracelet though, the gold one, the detailing looks like the articles of a skeleton, kind of ? (or maybe i’m just so obscure that my mind has been spoilt) and I just think it’s edgy and beautiful and with a flowy three quarter sleeve, sheer white blouse and some pants this will look beautiful. For the wrap around bracelet I have a watch like that in real life so I am biased, but I love it.

The bangles just give me so much nostalgia because I used to buy packs of those when I was younger, I even loved the sound they made when I moved my arm, they were pretty much exactly the same, with the gold and the crystals and everything.

What do you dolls think of this?

xx Kris

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