Heritage Classics Spoilers

Hey dolls! Welcome back to star doll cheats once more, the spoilers for heritage classics have finally been released! When the tribute was announced that it was coming I along with several other star doll members were expecting , well, hoping for a hermes store or something like that, with a ton of bags and shoes, but we got .. decor.


To be fair, it does feature some nice things, I like the shoes, the chandelier and the mirror-closet thing. Over all it’s not a bad collection at all, and the interior is nice too. There IS also a bag with a cat, a pretty carpet & pillow and a divider that I know the interior designers of star doll will do wonderful things with. The ornaments on that pillow are gorgeous.heritage2

I know most people are excited about the interior, cat, and dog, in that order. But the graphics are of such high quality – I even wish they would release more clothes with this quality more often, but unfortunately they haven’t been lately (Kendall Jenner for Young Hollywood’s celeb weekend was a disappointment to say the least).interior

Star doll has really been working though (AND sucking people’s star dollars in) and releasing a LOT of tributes in a very short time. Everyone is super excited.

What do you think of this store? Planning to buy anything? I hope they make it pretty in-store.

xx Kris

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