Monday Funday Updates For Stardoll

Hey Dolls!

First off there is a new campaign coming to stardoll!

The new campaign comes from the Disney Channel for the new show Evermoor! I’m excited to see the new show so this is a pretty cool campaign in my book.


How do you feel about this campaign? I bet it’s going to have a lot of “English” flare since the new show is supposed to take place in Middle England.

Also stardoll has released a new collection at Royalty! It seems like every day there is a new collection on stardoll doesn’t it?

Good luck making enough money to buy everything without using a hack tool or stardoll cheats haha.

Anyways I’m always a big fan of Royalty and this new floor is no different.  Here’s what the latest and greatest looks like.


Also just wanted to let everyone know we added a new commenting system to our blog.  It’s called disqus and hopefully makes it a lot easier for you all to leave us comments and interact on the website.  Give us some feedback and let us know whether it’s a good or bad addition to the website!

– HollywoodSam

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