Stardoll MSW 2014 Finalists, New Collections, and an MLP Sneak Peek

Hey Dolls!

It’s been a long time coming but stardoll has finally released the list of the 2014 MSW finalists! Hopefully some of you made the list!


So Without Further ado here are the 2014 Miss Stardoll World Finalists:

Algeria – blueheart19
Argentina – Blackmambayeah
Australia – onetaurus
Brazil – FlorGatalinda10
Canada – AliceBurdeuFan
Chile – hello_kitty_n_n
Croatia – starLucy77
Cyprus – pop_music10
Czech Republic – ElisaHorse
Egypt – sindrellaCharm
France – Dounette69
Germany – Chryspi
Great Britain – signe110
Greece – PrettyMaroulaki
Hungary – Mrs.Ladygagafan
Israel – lenosh5
Italy – ShellKitty16
Mexico – HadaAlejandria
Netherlands – Scale
Poland – izabelach
Portugal -maximabeleza
Romania – GladisK
Russian Federation – VogueNikoletta
Saudi Arabia – Memoo-wa
Spain – Mansicina
Sweden – Charlie1966
Turkey – PuppySasha34
United States – CrystalsJoy
Venezuela – crisbelDorada

Good luck too all the you who made the cut! If you weren’t lucky enough to make it this year just remember that there is always another MSW right around the corner.

It Girls Adds New Collection For Fall 2014

Also It Girls added another collection to their shop in the Star Plaza so be sure to stop on by and take a look. Most of the items are stardollars but there are 2 starcoin items available as well.

Anything catch your eyes ladies?

MLP Sneak Peak Spoiler For SD

Also it looks like the new store layout for the latest My little pony collection has been leaked. Here’s a couple sneak peek’s and spoilers of the new shop.

Spoiler 1:


Spoiler 2:


It’s a pretty bright store isn’t it?

Well that’s most of the important updates on stardoll for today.

Let us know if there is something else interesting or cool that you’ve seen over the last couple days!

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