New Fashion Furniture

Hey dolls, once again welcome back to star doll cheats, today star doll released two new floors of fashion furniture.


It’s an okay collection, I can see why the mannequins will be wanted as well as the interiors. I also really like the vintage chair and the vintage wire dress shape mannequin thing. The light will also be useful, and the potted plant looks good. I mostly like items from the second floor as you’ve probably noticed. But I don’t think people will pull these things off in their suites (or very few people will).FashionF2

I saw a beautiful suite that a girl kind of turned hers into like, a store, and showcased her rare shoes and bags there. It looked like a legit museum and she made good use of some of the items on this collection of fashion furniture.

I wouldn’t buy the shoe vending machine unless I had a moschino style, because I think it’s cute, fun, and preppy but won’t look good if the rest of your suite is serious and uptight. Maybe if it was black instead of beige and had loubotins inside it. I also do really love the chandelier in the first floor, the colour is beautiful and  the way it hangs is slightly hypnotising, it looks like those pendant necklaces that grunge people wear.


What do YOU think?

xx Kris

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