New Floor of Nelly

Hey dolls, welcome to star doll cheats once more.

A new floor of the store Nelly called Denim and Supply inspired by Ralph Lauren has been released and the prices range from 10 to 26 star dollars. As you dolls know nelly is a real life store, so if you like any of the star doll store items you can click the link in store and be taken to the nelly web site and look for the item you liked/want.

There could be some slight differences between the nelly and the real life version because star doll does make some alterations sometimes, but it probably won’t be anything too drastic.


I kind of like this, it’s not really my style but I can acknowledge that some items are quite cute like the denim button up dress that looks a bit like an empire waist, the floral romper and th denim romper. I also really like the boots on the denim dress mannequin and the white bag on the same one, I would probably buy the bag, but I imagine that in real life it’s probably quite spherical/round. I also really like the men’s clothes, casual but not shabby, although I’m not quite sure what is going on with the blue top and all the patches, they overdid the patches a bit but that’s alright, happens.

What do you think? Will you be buying anything?

xx Kris

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