New RIO Floor

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats! A new floor of RIO has been released, and what they released were the things on the spoilers that I posted for you guys.


I must say, I like the items a lot more in the store than I did in the spoilers, and ironically, I like the black dress less. I still find myself slightly fascinated by the peacock skirt, and I’m beginning to like the combination of the embellished shorts and the black & gold blazer.

Thankfully the shorts aren’t super micro which is what I feared. We did get two items for starcoins which is just that gold little belt on the shoe rack and this fringed accessory. Otherwise, I think the prices are quite alright for being RIO, but I do feel that the blazer and the green ish heels could be a bit cheaper, given that the gold in the blazer looks a bit fake and the heels lack detail.

But it’s not a bad floor, I know a lot of people will work with it and rock it. I’m thinking of making a little RIO- chicas outfit competition, what do you dolls think?

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xx Kris

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