New Riviera Floor

Hey dolls welcome back to star doll cheats as always! A new floor of riviera has been released, and it’s mostly swim suits with a guy outfit as well. I love this collection, it’s so tropical and sexy and I would buy everything in real life as well if I could.


I only don’t like the very first bathing suit to the left, and the 3rd one from left to right. I also don’t like most shoes except for the gladiator sandals and the green & gold heels. I love the rest though, including the men’s outfit which I’m usually very critical of.  I especially love the bags/totes and the chiffon cover up as well as the beige bikini, it’s absolutely gorgeous. This has such an ibiza vibe to it :)

You can also style the pieces with other stuff, like the cream body swim suit with boyfriend jeans would look gorgeous, or the lace cover up with a high on the waist skater figure skirt and a cute jacket. The possibilities are endless, it doesn’t have to be your model just strutting around in a bikini if you don’t want it to. I do wish the graphics for the denim jacket vest thing were better though, and if the wine coloured bikini had some details to add some spice to it or something xD

Anyways, what do you dolls think? xx Kris

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