New Royalty Collection

Hey every one, the new collection/floors of the store ROYALTY has been released, with items ranging from 2 to 30 star dollars and then 2 items for star coins. As you all probably know, this store is for royalty star doll members only, so normal members can’t buy anything and neither can superstar. Royalty is someone who has been super star for a year or bought a super star that will go on for a year. They have a lot of benefits including seeing updates first, a percentage discount in every store, exclusive items etc.

Anyways, this new collection was wind inspired it seems.



Maxi dresses are really in style so I can see what star doll was trying to do. the ones that seem more light weight are perfect for spring, and the more serious or fancy onces like the leather & chiffon one would be great to wear to a ceremony like the gramys. The other more sparkly ones look like red carpet dresses to me.



Another great aspect is that they’re also selling the fans , although they look more like spotlights to me than fans. I wish they had been a bit better designed, plus I assume most people will use these dresses in their outdoor rooms, not indoors so I don’t see why they would really need the fans. But all in all, it was a good idea and ended in a beautiful collection.


There is also the real life version of this jewel accessory which is by givenchy.


I actually like the star doll version more than the real life version, for once!


What do you think?

xx Kris

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