New Subcouture

Hey dolls, the new sub couture has been released .


Anyways, let us start by the glasses. I love that type of sunglass, I tried to purchase a pair in real life today, they were not exactly the same but similar, but the shipping on the website was too expensive, more so than the glasses so that discouraged me a bit. Secondly, I love that side split / both side split long black dress, I like the buttons on it and the cut of the neckline and shoulders, it gives it a military feel in my opinion and you guys know I love it.

I also really like the black mini dress, I don’t like that it flows/flies but I like the detailing you can see at the top when you try it on and it’s a bit of a pretty baby doll skater dress style, which I really wish had the skirt just pointing down.  The black bralet looks a lot like a “scandelous” one that demi lovato recently wore, but I’m not sure if in the store it’s a bralet or attached to the skirt. Regardless, it reminded me of that.

I do have to complain about the eyelashes though, whats the point? What makes them different from the old ones we had for sale long ago for like 1sd?  I just don’t think they’re worth it.


What do you think?

xx Kris

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