New Survey

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats. So, we got some mail sent to us/to our inboxes and basically it is about a new survey that star doll is having where you just answer some websites about the site, it’s all about them getting feedback and such.


You just had to click the link and go and answer the questions. I like that star doll is asking for feedback, but what about all the other times that they are contacted and they act dismissive towards the senders . Sure, some members get lucky and are heard, or at least do not get an automated response, but that’s not a fact for most of it, that’s not the rule, that’s the exception. Only now that they ran out of ideas they want the feed back. I guess better late than never though, right?

Secondly, star doll could at least send a little present to the people who answer, not only to motivate them to answer but to thank them for their contribution, as I mean, this is what will improve their website and if it involves a paid feature, I’m sure the person who suggests will have to pay regardless, even though they’ll essentially be responsible for making star doll more millions.


But anyways, did you answer the survey? What section did you pick?

xx Kris

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