RIO Spoilers

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats, it has been a while, but today i bring to you some spoilers which I am almost a hundred percent certain are from rio. Here they are..


So, I like it, it is quite different. I especially like the peacock skirt and the long dress as well as the black glittery dress with the fringes.  I also really like the shorts, but I feel like the rest of the collection or at least the part shown up there is rather mediocre at best.

I think the body or body con thing could be pulled off under the black pants that flare reaching the bottom, as they are high waist but i don’t think it’s much star doll member’s styles.  Although , a lot of the pieces are from runway looks after all and so there might be some  value to those who enjoy collecting those things, it even includes Oscar de la renta!

I hope the shorts don’t end up being micro shorts, we have enough of those already and our dolls could have some more class! I can not wait to see how each of you dress the items up or down, be sure to leave me a comment if you buy anything.


what do you think?

xx kris

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