Stardoll Halloween Updates & Cheats – New Collection Roundup

New floors and shop collections are opening up on stardoll for the Halloween season! If you haven’t logged in to stardoll in the last couple days your in for a treat! (Sorry for the Halloween pun haha)

Anyways it seems like every day stardoll is releasing a new Halloween themed store or collection so we decided to make one mega post that covers all the latest in the bazaar world of SD. (Another bad pun)

The Shops and Collections:

Tingeling Halloween Couture

The latest collection that stardoll has released is the Tingeling Halloween Couture stuff. The bad news is all of the stuff for sale at Tingeling are stardollar items. However there are some items for reasonable prices starting at 6 stardollars.


Anything catch your fancy from the Halloween couture collection?

Monster High Freaking Fusion

Next up is the obvious, a monster high freaky fusion line. This looks like it may not be available in all countries buy you can always use a stardoll proxy if that’s the case!


These items are a little off the wall so if you’re looking for some attention this may be for you.

Bod Mod Horror – New Store Open!

This is kind of exciting. For the Halloween season stardoll opened a completely new store called BOD MOD Horror. It has some dark styles integrated through out their themes so if you are looking for a scary or creepy look this may be perfect.


They have 4 items that you can get with starcoins and my guess is they’ll be added more floors shortly to this store. Hopefully either before or during November of this year.

Addams Family Floor at Film Theory

This one is also a perfect fit. Stardoll added a couple new floors to Film Theory inspired by the addams family. This is really well done if you’ve ever watched the addams family, the items look spot on.

Floor 1:

Floor 2:

I know it’s supposed to be “creepy” but something about the addams family is so cute to me haha. I know I’m weird!

So that’s the 4 latest shops and collections added for this Halloween Season. Leave us a comment letting us know what you are planning on being this year. Anyone out there have a really cool or creative costume idea?

Yours Truly,

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