Stardoll Money Cheats

If I asked you what is the most important thing on stardoll or if you could pick one thing that you had unlimited access to what would it be.  Most of our readers would probably say they want stardoll money cheats or a way to get unlimited starcoins and stardollars. Well we decided to make it easy for you guys are put together a list of all the popular stardoll money cheats that actually work.  Seriously we see so many blogs, videos, and websites with fake stardoll money cheats and scams.

So first things first the easiest stardoll money cheat is by using a hack program like the one on this website.  If you want to get unlimited starcoins and stardollars as fast as possible we recommend you just download the SD hack software and use that.  It’s pretty straight forward, you put in your user nickname and select the money generator tab then enter an amount of starcoins or stardollars you want.

We recommend you don’t overdue it though as that can possbily set off a red flag with stardoll, so be gradual with it.  Don’t log in and the first time you use the generator set it to create 100,000 starcoins.  Be smart with it, once you get the hang of it and your account is more established then you should feel safer to make a bunch of stardollars.

Another great stardoll money cheat that you can use to get free stardollars is actually a glitch with the game.  Note this seems to only work on some accounts and usually those accounts are a couple years old.  That said we have heard from some users that it’s worked for them on newer accounts.  This is probably due to an update by Stardoll to try and patch the glitch.

So to do the money glitch you need to login to a NON-USA stardoll country.

Then you click to go and buy stardollars and change your country back to the USA. This will cause window to popup.

Next you need to NOT send a message but click enter and go to your suite.

This will cause the purchase transaction to be cancelled.

Now you need to Log out quickly.

When you login next time you should see stardollars added to your account it if worked correctly.

Tips; Try to do this entire process as quick as possible as it seems to need to be very fast. We think it has something to do with the transaction cache in the game pushing through the order for free if you do it fast enough.

Stardoll Money Cheats & Hack Softwares NOT TO USE – The hack software at forces you to install adware on your computer which is a type of virus that messes with your browser. It also forces you to do surveys and stuff like that.

12Hack – This actually steals your account information and also installs a virus on your computer.  Seriously don’t use it.  If you do make sure you run your anti-virus because you don’t want a virus stealing you or your family’s private information. – Again this software threw a virus detected on both microsoft security essentials and AVAST anti-virus when we downloaded it.  I wouldn’t trust this one either.

Leave us a comment if you know any other stardoll money cheats or hacks that work in 2014. Also if there are any other software’s you have heard of that you would like us to check for safety let us know.  We can download them in our sandbox environment and test them for safety.

– HollywoodSam