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One of the worst things about playing stardoll is the fact that a lot of exclusive clothing items or stuff is only available to users from specific countries. So usually unless you live in that country you are unable to get the free stuff you want. Well there is a pretty cool work around for this and they are called proxies.


What are proxies?

Proxies are essentially a way to “fake” what country you live in, which is important since a lot of stardoll cheats you need to use a proxy.  The way they work is by letting you use a computer server from another country to connect to stardoll. Right now you probably just login to stardoll using your computer at home that gets it’s internet connection your internet provider. However if you go to a proxy website you can actually select which country you want to look like your from (choose france, britain, canada, australia…) and stardoll or any other website will think you are actually from that place. It’s completely safe and best of all if you know where to look you can get really good stardoll proxy lists for free. (look below for the best proxy list for 2014)

How to Use Stardoll Proxies

There are two ways to use a stardoll proxy cheat.

1 – The quick and easy way

The first and easiest way is to login by browsing through a proxy website. All you need to do is visit the website and plug in or the exact link you want to visit into the search bar. After doing this you will be taken to stardoll but you will be surfing through the proxy which will make stardoll think that you are from that country.

For example if you wanted to visit stardoll like a user from the UK then you could go to and you would be browsing from the uk.

2 – The best way but more complicated

The other way to use a proxy and probably the best way is to configure your browser with the proxy information. This way you can browse just like you regularly would and it will usually be faster, safer, and way less popups.

To do this though you need to configure your browser (internet explorer, firefox, chrome, safari ect) to use the proxy server. The easiest way to do this is by using a browser plugin or the actually browser settings.

We recommend using Google Chrome because it’s the easiest to setup. If you don’t have google chrome you can download it for free here

To setup a proxy in chrome you need to click on settings.


After clicking on the settings you will need to click on the spot by the bottom that says show advanced


After clicking that you will need to click to change proxy


Next just click where it says lan


Now all you need to do is check the box where it says use a proxy server for your lan. Then once you check that box you can plug in the proxy information for the specific countries proxy you want to use for stardoll. You will need both an ip address and a port number.

For example with the proxy : 8080 you would need to enter in the address section and then enter 8080 in the port section. It must be entered that way, with the periods included in the ip address section and just the numbers in the port section.


Once you are done using the proxy be sure to uncheck the box where it says use a proxy server for your lan.

For a great list of proxies for stardoll you can check out our best list for 2014 below.

The Best Stardoll Proxies List – Our Recommendations

Click here for the most up to date list

Australia: : 8080 : 8080 : 8080 : 80

France: : 8181 : 3128 : 8080 : 3123 : 3128

Great Britain (UK): : 443 : 3128 : 3128 : 3128

Italy: : 3128 : 3128 : 8080 : 8080

United States: : 9050 : 5692 : 443 : 7808 : 7808 : 7808 : 80

Note: If you have any countries that you want us to add stardoll proxies for just leave us a comment on this post and we will get it updated as quickly as possible with working proxies.

This guide should help you with setting up proxies for stardoll so that you can get all the free clothes, items, and other stuff with a quick and safe cheat.

Important Info

Be warned that when you us a proxy you are probably going to run into a lot of popups when surfing with a proxy. A lot of proxy websites earn money via popups so there is a good chance you’ll run into a lot more than usual.

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