Stardoll Updates – Tattoo’s & JetSet Featured

Hey Dolls,

Just wanted to post about a couple cool updates on stardoll regarding some new stuff that’s available or will be available soon.

First off it looks like new tattoo’s will be coming to Ink’d VERY SOON! From the sounds of it they will be released tomorrow!

Here’s a couple sneak peeks released on the official stardoll youtube and instagram accounts!





If your a fan of ink this is probably something to get excited about! Looks like a bunch of cool new options will be available soon!

Also if you haven’t logged in for a couple of days you may not have noticed that stardoll launched some new lines at the JetSet store!


There are a bunch of items available ranging from as cheap as 6 stardollars.

I think I’ll probably just buy the entire new collection. I feel like I’m slowly turning into a hoarder on stardoll haha.

What do you all think of the new collections?

Leave us a comment!

– HollywoodSam

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