Stardoll Updates For The Weekend!

Hey Dolls,

Hopefully you’re as excited as I am that it’s finally the weekend! As always it seems like as soon as Friday roll’s around stardoll has put out a bunch of new updates and content!

Seriously of all the online games I play stardoll has the most updates by FAR!

Dot Adds 3 Floors
If your looking to “put your face on” then you’ll be pleased to know that DOT has added three new floors to their shop this morning. Lots of cool stuff that apparently is being influenced by the fall season.

New Floor 1


New Floor 2


New Floor 3


Rumor has it that they may also be adding a secret shop floor sometime soon for Superstar members. If you aren’t already a Superstar member be sure to enter our giveaway by clicking this link!

Big Sale at Nelly – 50% off EVERYTHING!

Yep that’s right.  If you visit Nelly this weekend you’ll be able to buy any of your favorite items for half price.  Not a bad deal, especially if you’ve had your eye’s on anything special.


I decided I would finally buy the Leighton Top.  Now I can look like Miley Cyrus haha.

Free Stuff For Stardoll Users in the UK (or anywhere if you use a proxy )

So it looks like stardoll is in love with users from the UK this week haha! They released 3 exclusive and rare items from users from the United Kingdom.  That said if you aren’t from the UK like me you can still get the items if you use a proxy to login to your SD account.  Here’s our stardoll proxy guide if you haven’t ever used one before. Once you have a proxy setup or are ready to use one then you can just follow the links below to have the items added to your suite.

Free Furbies –

If you want a free furbie added to your suite you need to do a couple things.  First off you need to join the Furby club which you can do here


After doing that you can get the other furby (that’s right there are two that you can get) by entering in the furby boom crystal scenery contest.

If you want to enter that you need to click here

Free Kidizoom Stuff –

Another promo going on right now is for kidizoom.  It’s a smart watch free item giveaway.  If you want it just login using a UK Proxy and then click on this link


Free Evermoor Items –

The free stardoll stuff just doesn’t end for users from the UK.  Last but not least there are a good amount of gifts available from Evermoor too.

If you want all the rare items there are a couple different things you’ll need to do.

First off you need to join the Evermoor club which you can do here – By doing this you’ll get yourself the evermoor bracelet.

Next up you need to watch the video that is featured at the Evermoor club. This will get you the sign from the graphic above.

Third you can get the frog if you go and find the “missing items”

You can find all the items by going to these links:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

That’s a lot of stuff for free on stardoll.  Hopefully you all take advantage of it over the weekend!

Srivimi Ancora is Coming Soon!

Last but not least it looks like the lastest campaign spoiler is for Srivimi Ancora.  We don’t know where it’s going to be released yet but my guess is it’s going to be in Italy since that’s where the brand is the most popular.


What do you all think?

Well that’s all for this weekends updates, leave us a comment and be sure to like us on facebook plus follow us on twitter. We might even start having bonus drawings for free memberships exclusive only to our social media followers and fans!

Stay Tuned

– HollywoodSam

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