Subcouture Spoilers

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats, I have the spoilers for tomorrows upcoming subcouture release, and here they are


I’m pretty much just gonna go straight to the point, I love that kimono looking pink and black thing, it reminds me of a japanese warrior I don’t know why, I would love to have  a makeup look matching that, I feel like it would be just mind blowing. I also really like the combination that would come out of that pink body suit with the star printed denim pencil mini skirt, and maybe a jacket over it. I must say, though, Iggy Azalea has jeans with that print and I lo – lo – LOVE it! I’ve been looking for them every where but unfortunately I cannot find them.

As for the silver dress, I kind of like it kind of don’t, I guess I just don’t like the top part looking like a stripe kind of, and I think it’s one of those dresses that’s quite hard to pull of, you need the right kind of doll really.

I also am a hundred percent certain that the gladiator shoes will sell like crazy, as well as the wrap heels.

What do you think?

x Kris

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