Taylor Swift for Young Hollywood

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats! On the third day of the young hollywood celeb weekend, Taylor swift’s outfit was released. of course it was based on/inspired by  a real outfit worn by the heart break princess herself.


This really disappointed me, firstly the hair wasn’t released which would’ve been one of the most purchase items as star doll designed hairs lack variety lately. a lot of people were thrilled about the cat, but I was disappointed to find that it came with the gloves and purse & so unfortunately you’d be obligated to wear all three at once. I get that the pose makes it mandatory, but with an outfit like that it definitely does not look OK. The thigh high socks look tacky to me and even taylor in real life looked super aged in that outfit. The shirt is also animated which  guess is “fun”, but still doesn’t justify the price. All I see here as a reason for people to buy this is the tag, and the only thing salvageable would be the skirt or even the shoes IF and ONLY IF it’s someone with fashion sense & enough awareness to style it that is purchasing the pair.

What do you dolls think?

This was the final YH Celeb weekend, which was your favourite?

XX Kris

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