VIP Summer Club Pass

Hey dolls, welcome back to star doll cheats, a while back a summer club pass spoiler was released along with a party or chat room, and it left all of us wondering what it could be and what it is that star doll was planning.

Well , turns out it’s a pass. I’m a bit disappointed that it is just another way for them to exploit the user’s wallets, but there are quite a few perks and I guess it could be fun in the end


They get 11 gifts, weekly extra rewards, exclusive activities like VIP – only contests and country-wide competitions and 15% extra star dollars for the duration of the pass. However it’s only valid for the 8 week and the 3 month super star packages. You also get your own page in the spotlight if you get there, and you also have an exclusive room. I think one of the bigger perks is having brighter broadcasts because you’ll get to call people’s attention more in your BC’s, but that will soon lose value because there will be so many bright broadcasts that people will  become de-sensitised.

A user complained that she wasn’t able to  get the pass without having repeated payment, but for the rest of you that are worried about this, you can easily cancel it in “My Account”. Also, a little PSA: CHECK if you are signed up for repeated payment! you can check in my account. often stardoll keeps it ticked and you wont notice until in 3 months or 8 weeks depending on the package you picked the money goes out of your account.


Stay safe!

xx Kris

PS: Will you be getting the pass?

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