Young Hollywood : Kendall Jenner

Hey dolls! As always, welcome back to stardoll cheats! On the second day of the young hollywood celeb weekend releases, the Kendall Jenner outfit was released. It’s interesting, as Gigi Hadid is one of her best friends and HER outfit was released just a day before.


As a lot of you know (but some might not), this is actually based off of real outfits that she wore.  I feel like they picked very casual outfits of hers that I wouldn’t justify releasing to stardoll, the graphics weren’t made that great either, so I feel like most people who will buy anything will buy it for the tag only. The shirt is very old fallen-angel style and the jeans are just plain white jeans, I guess I could understand getting the purse, but still, not really, and I feel like even if you have the hottest doll that sweater dress just will NOT work unless you do some serious layering. Similar shoes have been released, for both the sneakers AND the heels, in fact you can buy a similar pair of sneakers (although not low-top like these ones) for 14 star coins. But then again, it’s all about the tags and the “prestige” that comes with them, and I can appreciate and understand that. Why wear fallen angel when you can afford young hollywood?

dress top & bag

am a bit disappointed that the hairstyle wasn’t released, a lot of people would’ve gone crazy over it for sure.

What do you think?

xx Kris

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